Welding of elements

Regeneration of rims

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Gratowanie precyzyjne, szczotkowanie aluminium – ALU-CENTRUM

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Competence: Twenty years of experience made us the best professionals.

Quality and standards

customers of the highest level of services.

Transport and logistic

Our company has own transportation

Gratowanie precyzyjne, spawanie metodą TIG – tym się zajmujemy

Alu-Centrum was founded on the first of September 1994, since then it offers various services of mechanical grinding of metal objects. Our goal is customer satisfaction. Our methods are experience, knowledge and passion.

Nasza oferta to:
  • Precise deburring
  • Grinding
  • tumble finishing
  • Frezowanie
  • Grigging objects
  • Area polishing
  • brushing objects
  • Welding
  • TIG method welding
  • Rims regeneration

Our purposes are high quality, punctuality, and meeting the needs of our present and future customers. We have modern machinery which has been upgrading since we exist as a company.

Our assets

  • Quality
  • Punctuality
  • Price
  • Experienced personnel
  • Own transportation


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Alu-Centrum Marcin Myrdek ul. Boczna 4 A 46-320 Praszka NIP 5761429943 Tel. 600 268 204 E-mail address

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